Graduate Education Service Center

. On-site Services:

1.Providing services on consultation, guidance, and information feedbacks related to graduate education and degree affairs;

2.Collecting paper documents related to graduate admission, training, and degree affairs;

3.creparation and issuing of certificates of student status, transcripts, degree certificates, and academic degree certifications;

4.Re-issuing of student ID card and train ticket discount card for those who lost their cards, etc.


. Working Hours:  Mon. – Fri. : 8:00am –17:30pm


. Tel:  021-34205105


. Address: Room 328, Chen Rui Qiu Building


. Online Services:

1.Admission: http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/Default.aspx

2.Master rostrum: http://phd.sjtu.edu.cn/dsjt.php

3.Other Related services: http://www.yjs.sjtu.edu.cn/ssfw_EN/login.jsp

4.Forms Download: http://www.cjzlawyer.com/Forms_Download1.htm


. Guides:

Instructions on applying for Certificate of Passing Thesis Defense.pdf

Format requirements of thesis for anonymous assessment.pdf

Notice on applying for Transcripts and Academic Degree Certificate.pdf

Flowchart of applying for Transcripts and Verification of Degree & Diploma.pdf

Notice on applying for Certificate of Student Status.pdf

Flowchart of applying for Certificate of Student Status.pdf

Flowchart of re-issuing student ID card.pdf


















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